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IDMP 3 - UPSC 2023

  •  Sept. 28, 2022, midnight to Sept. 30, 2023, midnight

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(Integrated Daily MCQ and Mains Answer Writing program for UPSC CSE 2023)


Because Practice puts brains in your muscles and hence, co-ordinated results!

As a serious aspirant, you must know that UPSC CSE preparation is incomplete without mains preparation and mains preparation is incomplete without answer-writing practice. 

You may have heard toppers say that answer writing practice is an integral part which you should include in your schedule, the reason behind it is this only because you can never crack this exam just by reading, you have to write to stand at the other side of the result.

And as answer writing is a skill and skill comes from consistent and deliberate practice. 


What do we plan?

But we also know that preparing for such a comprehensive exam, there are chances that you may find juggling between prelims and mains questions practice difficult. 

You may lose track of your progress or sometimes the schedule. This is why we have planned to help you for the same with this program which keeps you tuned in with Prelims and Mains test cycles simultaneously.


How do we put it into practice?

To achieve mastery over MCQ and Mains answer writing through continued and rigorous practice, we have set the following procedures-

  • Daily Component- To bring discipline in preparation, we will be providing you with a detailed schedule of the topics clubbed with target-oriented mechanism which would also eliminate  the monotony of the preparation days.

    • 20 MCQs for Prelims 

    • 2 mains questions with model answers for Self-Evaluation

  • Weekly Component- To have a reliable plan and to keep students focused in right direction, we have planned-

    • 100 MCQs (Revision topics of weekdays + Current Affairs of specified month )

  • Prelims component- If we talk specifically about prelims oriented tests and patterns because you need to get into that zone before the exam, we have-

  • 100 MCQs: 14 Weekly + 13 Sectional + 6 Full length

  • 6 CSAT Full Length Tests

  • Mains component- As Mains preparation is neither a one-day thing nor can be started from day one. Hence we have planned for phased approach as defined below-

    • 10 questions each: 13 Sectional tests 

    • 20 questions: 9 Full length Mains tests

    • 6 Essay Sectional Tests

    • 1 Essay Full Length Test

  • Doubt Session- No program for student guidance in their preparation can be ever complete without Mentorship.

  • 2 collective doubt resolution Zoom Sessions in a month


What are the other necessary details?

  • Mode

The program will be conducted in Online Mode

  • Medium

The Program is available for both Hindi and English Medium students

  • Study Material

Soft Copy will be provided for-

  • Weekly Booklets (English Medium only)

  • 21 G.S. Books (Hindi and English Medium)

  • Course Calendar


Admission Begins : 22 September

Course Commences : 10 October

Course Duration: October 2022- August 2023



Students can access our program in two ways-

Technical support

  • Contact: +91-7007 931 912 (Call / Whatsapp / Telegram)

  • Mail: info@onlyias.com