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3. Online - CRASH COURSE for UPSC Mains 2022-23

  •  June 13, 2022, midnight to Sept. 30, 2022, midnight

₹ 20650.00


Now that the UPSC CSE Prelims 2022 Examination is over, it is high time you started preparing for UPSC IAS Mains Examination 2022. Whatever be your Prelims score, you must study for UPSC Mains Examination because only scoring 450+ Marks in your Mains Examination can get you into the Final list.
OnlyIAS bring a special crash course designed for one single purpose – improving marks obtained in the CSE Mains Examination.

In this program, Experienced teachers, will be conducting classes where not only important topics will be discussed but also various answer writing methods, tips and tricks will be demonstrated.

- Revise GS Paper 1,2,3,4 syllabus in Least possible time

- Course is Design to Act as value Addition in Your Mains Preparation


Key Component of the Program -

- 60 Days Planned Schedule

- 200+ Teaching Hours

- Mentorship for Every Subject

- Course led by experience faculties and Civil Servants

- Enhancement of Essay & Answer Writing Skill through Subject Expert Classes

- (5 Full Length Tests) Includes UPSC like Simulation Full Length Test Series of 4 GS Paper + 1 Essay

- Systematic subject sequence and well-framed modules.

- Special Emphasis on Recent Trends & Key Areas

- Study Material-Soft Copy (Designed as per the latest trends)

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Additional Information


Q.1) Who can/must join this Course?

- Those who are preparing for UPSC MAINS 2022 / 23 and other State PCS exam during this period.

- Working Professionals, who wanted to prepare for this exam along with their work.

- Far Flung Remote Areas who cannot come to the Coaching-cities like New Delhi for this exam.

- All our Economically Backward Class (EBC) aspirants, who can’t afford the huge fee structures of any coaching institutes. 
Any person who had already prepared for this exam or took coaching.

Q.2) Does This Course Include Mains Test Series?

Answer: There Is a Provision 4 Full Length Mains & Essay  Paper Test  Which Will Be Evaluated by The Team of Experts and Model Answers of The Same Will Also Be Provided, So That You Have a Holistic Knowledge to Interlink Various Dimensions of Different Subjects Being Required In UPSC.


Q.3) Does Crash Course for UPSC Civil Service Mains Examination 2022 Provide Study Materials?

Answer: Yes, These Booklets Will Be Available in PDF Coloured Form Inside the Portal Which Can Be Downloaded for Digital Read.


Q.4) How Many Hours of Classes Are There on A Daily Basis?

Answer: Daily Total Hours of Lectures Could Vary 3 -3.5 Hours on average As Per the Topic Requirement.


Q.5) Does This Course Cover All the Aspects of Mains?

Answer: Yes, We Have Tried Our Best to Cover Every Topic from The UPSC Syllabus. A Detailed Schedule of The Same Is Provided Above in this course.


Q.6) What Is the Validity of This Course?

Answer: This Course Will Be Valid till UPSC Mains 2022.


Q.7) Does Crash Course Have EMI option?

Answer: Yes, Aspirants Can Avail This Course In 2  Instalments. But Price Will Increase. If You Still Have Any Confusion or Query You Can Mail At Info@Onlyias.Com.


Q.8) Is This Program Available for Hindi Medium as Well?

Answer: Yes. Lectures Are Available in Bilingual to Understand Each and Every Concepts in Very Lucid Manner but The PPTs Used in The Lectures Are Not Available in Hindi Medium. To Substantiate the Same a Set Of 21 Booklets Is Being Provided Within the Course in The Hindi Medium. It Is Advisable That Hindi Medium Students Can Focus on The Concept Building Part in The Lecture and For Reading They Can Definitely Get Support from the 21 Books Provided in Hindi.



Q.9) Does the Program Include Answer Writing Classes?

Answer: Yes, They Will Be Provided in Phased Manner. Every Teacher Will Discuss the Subject Specific Patterns and Ways of Answer Writing Along with PYQs Discussions. Few Dedicated Sessions Will Also Be There in Order to Make You Understand The Common Basics Of Answer Writing.


Q.10) Can We Contact Mentors Directly?

Answer: We Will Provide You with A Dedicated Mail Id, You Can Mail Us and Our Mentors Will Call You Back As Soon As Possible.



Q.11) Is There Any Provision Of Discount For Those Existing OnlyIAS Students Who Already Have Joined Any Other Paid Course Of OnlyIAS ?

Answer: Yes, Those Students Who Have Joined Any Course Which Costs Rs. 10000 Or Above Can Send Their Fee Receipt At Info@Onlyias.Com, A Discount Coupon Of 5% Or Some Equivalent Amount Will Be Shared With Them.


Q.12) What Is The Timing Of The Regular Classes?

Answer: These Lectures Are Recorded In Nature, So That You Can Watch Them Any Time As Per Your Convenience. Also, It Will Have Some Features Like Increasing The Speed Of The Lecture, That Will Again Help You Save Your Time.



Q.13) How My Daily Queries from The Lectures Can Be Resolved?

Answer: Each Lecture Is Provided With A Discussion Page Below, You Can Write All Your Queries With Respect To That Lecture And Our Doubt Solving Team Will Answer You Within 24 Hours.



Q.14) What Is The Refund Policy Of This Program?

Answer: Student Must Be Serious Before Taking Admission And Must Remain Committed In The Course Preparation Of The Target Exam. After Fee Payment, Withdrawal From The Course Is Not Permitted Hence “No Refund Of Fee” Shall Be Applicable Under Any Circumstances After A Period Of 5 Days After Taking Admission In this program. If In Case, Any Aspirant Is Not Satisfied With The Course For Any Valid Reasons, And He Conveys The Same Via Call Or Email Within The 5 Days Of Submission Of The Fee (Including The Fee Submission Date), The Submitted Fee Will Be Refunded To Them After Deducting The GST, Admission Fee (Rs. 1500) And Other Charges. Also, OnlyIAS Severely Suffer Losses In Case Any Balance Fee Instalments Are Not Paid On Due Dates And Will Reserve All The Rights To Recover The Same To Save The Irreparable Losses Which The Organisation May Suffer Due To Non-Payment Of Balance Due Fee (If Any). The Student Hereby Agrees Without Any Pressure With The Above Mentioned Conditions Of Fee Payment, Refund & Withdrawals Before Taking The Admission.


Q15. Can I get the course changed?

Answer: No, there is no such provision of changing courses.


Q 16. In how many days I can get my copy evaluated?

Answer: From the day you submit, in 8-10 working days you will get your copy evaluated. But we will try our best to get it done as soon as possible.


Q 17. Does it covers Optional Component also?

Answer: No, Optional element is not included in this.


Q.18) How many times I can watch a single lecture?

Answer: There is no limit to it, we can access these lectures as many times as to clear all the concepts given in the lecture.


Q.19) During lecture if I have any doubts, then how it can be resolved?

Answer: Each & Every lecture will be provided with a Discussion page for our students to raise any doubt. Our dedicated Doubt Solving Team will answer each of your queries within the stipulated time frame.

Q.20) Is the Study Material sufficient to clear this exam?

Answer: We have tried our best to comprehensively cover each subject from multiple sources, that will definitely help you in clearing this exam. Apart from this, we also recommend our students to read Standard Books like, M Laxmikant for Polity etc. But in many parts, we will also tell that our material is more than sufficient to clear this exam.


Q.21) How can I watch any sample video of this course before joining?

Answer: You can visit dpp.onlyias.in for any sample video and Course Description.



Q.22) How can I make the payment?

Answer: You can visit dpp.onlyias.in for this. Click on the Online Crash Course for UPSC Civil Service Mains Examination 2022 Batch, make the payment with your email-id & password. And it’s done. You can fresh login again and watch the course.



Q.23) What will be the mode of payment?

Answer: You can simply use any of the online payment mode such as Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking or UPI and others.


Q.24) How I will come to know that I have paid the amount and I am enrolled in the course?

Answer: Once you make the payment using your email-id and password, a payment slip will automatically be sent on your email id along with the confirmation mail for the enrolment. You have to login again with the same email id and password & you are enrolled.



Q.25) I have made online payment, the money is deducted, but no mail has been received neither I am enrolled. What to do?

Answer: In such cases, first of all do not panic. Your money has not gone anywhere. You can mail us on info@onlyias.com for these problems & we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.