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MEGA WIN Program 2023 (Offline)

  •  Nov. 24, 2022, midnight to Sept. 30, 2023, midnight

₹ 7999.00


Key features of this program:


  1. Total 15 tests including 3 essay tests – all tests will be evaluated
  2. Before every test
    1. Guidance video for syllabus – guiding how to cover syllabus of test
    2. Approach Session – guiding how to approach that subject and paper
  3. After every tests
    1. Post analysis and key observations session
  4. One to one mentorship for post evaluation of paper
  5. Flexibility in attempting tests
    1. All tests will be available at one go, so you can make your own schedule


Validity of the program: 30th September 2023

Fees : 7999/- only (Including GST)

Starts from 28th November 2022



  • Approach session - In this session, mentors will guide you about key things related to the subject and answer writing for the same. What to read in particular subject or topic, which topics are important from UPSC PYQ perspective, what are the key elements to be kept in mind in this particular subject and many more inputs will be given through this session which will ultimately help you deal paper in its most appropriate way
  • Post analysis and key observations sessionIn this session all of your doubts related to the paper you have solved will be discussed. A detailed analysis will be done through a discussion about how was your paper, what mistakes you made, how you cannot repeat them in next paper and what key learnings you have got from the paper for next test.
  • Guidance video for syllabus:  This video will be provided to you before a week of the test, which will tell you in detail about how to cover syllabus of that paper, from where to cover, how much to read, what are important themes on that topic etc. Every important aspect related to the syllabus of that paper will be