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1. Marks Improvement Program (OFFLINE) - Morning Batch

  •  Aug. 15, 2022, midnight to Sept. 30, 2023, midnight

₹ 23600.00




“Monitoring and evaluation are a sine qua non of continuous improvement. We can't improve when we can't measure.”

If you have ever followed a racing sport competition, you would know that it takes the performance of every lap for a racer to emerge as a winner. And that performance, to be a winner, can never come without personal monitoring, evaluation and outdoing one’s own previous performances.

Similarly, this exam is not just about focusing on results, it needs you to be better than what you were yesterday. The reason why aspirants are asked to focus more on their performances rather than results.

So, realizing the need, our very new and one-of-its-kind programme that the OnlyIAS team is all geared up to launch is all about evaluation and tracking performances based on a 12-month schedule. The two major pillars are-

  • Evaluation: This talks about evaluation of the copies of every student, wherein a student has the right to interact with their mentors not only to know about their mistakes but to also talk out the solution or exact ways to improve their performances in a methodological approach. 


  • Tracker: This is where our role to help students to track their performances comes into picture. Having a track record is like having detailed whereabouts. It will consist of all the performances of every student in each test they will attempt. This does not mean that we will define students by their marks but it is simply to keep a track that when and where things went wrong. Knowing the real reason behind, which could be either their schedule implementation or conceptual understanding, we could actually help by analyzing their strengths and improvement areas.

The major idea behind this program is based on SWOT Analysis for every student-



1. What advantages do you have as per 

    graduation background or situation?

2. What resources do you already have?

3. What are your strong portions or interest 

    areas of the syllabus?

4. What part of your syllabus have you 

    already completed?

5. Have you already completed crisp-note- 

    making exercise for efficient revision ?



1. Where do you lag behind and what to  


2. What are your underperforming subjects or 

    left out parts of the syllabus which you find 


3. Is it weak strategy formulation or 


4. Do you face wrong choice or multiplicity of 


5. Lack of revision or lack of concept?



1. How does a new strategy threaten your 


2. How are other aspirants performing well?

3. Changing UPSC trends in different areas 

    that could cost you marks and your 


4. How is Build -up of Comfort zone around 

    you, hindering your progress?

5. Are you overlooking some very significant 

    parts of preparation just out of 




1. What new methods can we adopt to 

    improve outcomes?

2. How can we improve our core preparation?

3. What new content could we add to diversify 

    our Mains answer or Prelims strategy?

4. What more techniques could we devise to 

    tackle out-of-bounds questions in Prelims as 

    well as Mains?

5. How to make best use of test series?


As for procedure, there will be a dedicated 12 Months schedule starting right from this August 2022 till your UPSC Mains 2023. You have to follow this schedule on a weekly basis from Monday to Friday every week. On every weekend (Saturdays & Sundays) you have to visit the Offline Center for various Tests. Every Saturdays are dedicated towards your Prelims MCQ Tests and Every Sundays are designed for your Mains Subjective Tests (with a little alteration sometimes mentioned in the schedule).


Schedule Details


  • For GS Paper I, we will be providing with Weekly 100 MCQ Tests. (All together 32 Tests from this Section)

  • There will be 5 Full-Length Tests  for GS Paper I before Prelims (in the months of April & May).

  • For GS Paper II – CSAT, there will be 1 CSAT Sectional Test every fourth week and each test will consist of 40 Questions. (All together 8 Tests from this Section)

  • 2 CSAT Full Length Test will be provided before Prelims.(in the months of April & May).

  • There will be revision tests in the middle at regular intervals of time(as per the schedule). 

The full-length test schedule will be stretching from March to May.


For Mains we are providing a proper 12 months Schedule linked with prior Prelims Syllabus. So you will be knowing your weekly targets here also.

  • For all the GS Paper I, II, III & IV(as per the schedule), there will be weekly tests consisting of 10 Mains Questions which will be evaluated in a detailed process.

  • Not to forget, after every Mains Test one to one discussion with OnlyIAS Faculty/Mentor can be done(if needed after evaluation)

These will run simultaneously with prelims test on Saturdays and Mains Test on Sundays.

  • After your Prelims on 28th May 2023, there will be 8 Sectional Mains Tests and 4 Full Length Mains Test (Before Mains in September – See in the )


  • Knowing about the significance of the Essay Paper for high scores in Mains, we also have dedicated 4 Essay Sectional Tests, which will be there in every two months wherein 1 Question/Essay will be given and evaluated. (Before Prelims)

  • 1 Full-Length Test wherein 2 Questions/Essays will be provided and evaluated just after the Prelims and before Mains.



Extra Features

There are some added benefits of enrolment in this programme which goes as-

Ø  NCERT Chapter wise Test- Class 6-12 on our App/Website.

Ø  For extensive CSAT preparation, CSAT VIDEO LECTURES will be available for access on our App/Website, complemented with Monthly Live Doubt Sessions (Zoom) specifically for any CSAT related queries

Ø  As for the study material, we will be providing English Soft Copy of our Mains Study Material-Prahaar, prepared diligently and selectively by our team, also recommended by our toppers for holistic topic preparation.

Just as the preparation of any performance involves dress rehearsals and sports competitions involve field practices, similarly, this is our initiative to help provide a proper simulating environment and experience to the students just before the examination.

We would like all our students to know, that this UPSC Journey from an Aspirant to an Officer, is not a sprint but a Marathon, where only those sustain, who blend themselves to be consistent in their efforts and exhibit perseverance along with some over-the-edge sacrifices. Just as every business involves risks to be taken before becoming a success, this exam preparation involves a belief in oneself and efforts therein. Remember,

                      “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”