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Essay Mentorship Program 2023

  •  Sept. 16, 2022, midnight to Sept. 30, 2023, midnight

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This is a dedicated 5 week mentorship design program wherein you will be helped out in understanding all the aspects of the Essay Writing for UPSC Mains.

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You may think what is the need of special classes, it's just about 2 essays to be written in the paper, which is easily doable because some time or the other everyone has written essays in their school time. 

But what you are missing here is that this essay paper we are talking about here is to be written in UPSC Mains Examination of a total 250 marks with 1000-1200 words to be written in each essay. 

If it is still looking easy to you then think of those who lost their desirable ranks or failed to find their names in the final pdf just because of a little margin in numbers.

Strategy Behind?

Everyone has more or less the same content in the GS Papers in the mains examination. The scope to take an edge specially in GS-1,2 and 3 is very little, or to be more explanatory, it is uncertain. You may work hard for the same but you may not know if the examiner considers it that different or extra to give you extra marks or not.

But just like GS-IV, Essay even has a larger scope where you can gain extra marks with a great margin. It carries that hidden scope which when comes into play has the power to change the game analytics.

It still is not about claiming anything, we just know we have a scope here and we would like you to tap this opportunity if you are a serious aspirant.

The recent trend suggests increased frequency in Philosophical type essays and we have designed this program in our capability to cater to this changing demand.


  • 4 Workshops to devise the Essay Writing Technique and make this course a fruitful approach in its vision.

  • 40 Essays will be covered in the Module to ensure enough preparedness before the Exam.

  • 5 Full-length tests to simulate the UPSC Standard and Pattern

  • Every test will be of 250 marks and 3hr. Duration to help build endurance and practice beforehand.

  • Classroom Discussion/One on One discussion with students would be done to keep the program interactive and more receptive

  • Copy evaluation by faculty Only to ensure the reliability and responsibility of proper guidance

  • Live Copy evaluation will be done if the faculty feels the requirement for a particular student.



  • To work upon the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates

  • To cover the entire gamut of topics possible be it philosophical, reflective or idea-based.

  • To help students develop a practice of good brainstorming which eventually helps in the examination.

  • To aid them in understanding the context and perspective behind the essays

  • To help them practice addressing the relevant dimensions as and when required.

  • To Test the candidate in a manner closely resembling the UPSC Essay Examination for better beforehand preparation.

  • Discussion on the best ways to attempt questions effectively and efficiently

  • Special focus on enhancing test-taking skills of Civil Services aspirants.


Classroom components

  • Detailed Essay Structure to aid understanding essays and the idea behind.

  • Special focus on philosophical essays according to the recent changing trend

  • Previous Years Questions discussions to better understand the demand of the examination

  • Different types of Introductions and Conclusions of Essays to get students a little pre-prepared for extra marks

  • Special use of Quotes and other Marks Enhancers to make students learn about substantiating their points in essays



  • A candidate who is about to write the 2022 UPSC CSE Mains Examination.

  • A candidate who has failed to qualify UPSC CSE 2022 Prelims but wants to work on his/her skills beforehand to get ready for Mains 2023.

  • A candidate who has no prior experience in essay writing and seeks guidance to plan it for the exam properly.

  • A Working candidate because you can watch the lectures at your own time and schedule

  • Female candidates who are housewives and have other responsibilities to cater to can efficiently utilize these lectures at their own pace.

  • A candidate who is prepared to handle the rigorous consistency required to improve on this skill just to score a little extra and a desired rank.


It is available both in Online and Offline mode.


Flexible Module (candidates can attempt test as per their schedule)


Study Material

Essay Relevant materials for content enrichment will be provided in hard copy format to the Offline students and in soft copy format to the Online Students.

How to Join?

Step 1: Go to http://dpp.onlyias.in

Step 2: Sign up if new or Login with your details

Step 3: Go to the course link

Step 4: Click on Buy Option

Step 5: Fill in required details and make payment



All the classes would remain available on your account till September 2023.

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