Dedicated Prelims Program (DPP)

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Keeping in mind all the issues that are faced by many aspirants, we at OnlyIAS present a programme for year-long preparation of an UPSC aspirant. This programme encompasses all the dimensions that are necessary in-order to simplify the journey of an aspirant and help him to clear the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam.
This programme has been designed by keeping in mind that a student who stays away from cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, etc. can prepare for the exam from his home itself by utilising his complete potential.
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Who can get benefitted from this Programme?
• Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this programme fulfils demands of both.
• For beginner
– This programme offers a year-long study plan, which in turn systematises your preparation. More details later in the lecture.
• For experienced player
– The daily targets and the dynamic nature of tests will always keep the seasoned players on their toes and hence will not let them turn complacent. They will have a feeling of challenging preparation all year round therefore offering a good revision for them.


What this programme includes?

• Year-long study plan
– A well thought-out year long study plan which an UPSC aspirant always looks for. This study plan covers entire syllabus of UPSC Civil Services Exam in a comprehensive manner.
• Daily targets
– Daily targets of what to study, which is followed at the end of day with practice questions that are based upon what a student has studied in whole day.
These daily targets will include topics of different subjects for each day so that you don’t  get bored of studying same subject for whole week.
• Weekend Test
– After 6 days of rigorous studies, on 7th day there will be a full length test which will be based upon what a student has studied in past 6 days. This test will also include the current affairs of past 6 days. The following graph simplifies this.
• Month-end Test
– After giving 5 tests in the way mentioned above, every 6th test will be a revision test which will be based upon what a student has studied in past 5 tests. Following graph simplifies this.
• Dynamic Nature of tests
– Test after test will also have a certain percentage of questions which will be based upon the syllabus that has been covered in previous tests. This will give an element of surprise to the students and hence make him/her get prepared to solve such questions.
– The tests will have a balanced mixture of easy, medium and tough questions. At the same time there will be a great variety of questions as well such as match the following, correctly/incorrectly matched, 2TF, 3TF, 4TF, etc.
• Comprehensive Current Affairs Coverage
– Since we are covering current affairs on daily basis, weekly basis and finally on monthly basis, it is ensured that not even a small relevant information is left out. Apart from this Yojana & Kurukshetra, which are considered indispensable for preparation will also be covered.
• Video Solution
– After successful completion of the test you can immediately get access to video solution. These videos will give you better insights of the test and help you to learn even better techniques to solve questions.
• NCERTs Based Test Series
We will also cover Test Series for each NCERT books from Class 6th to 12th
• Complete NCERTs Video Series
You will be getting complete Video Lessons of all the NCERTs Books from Class 6th to 12th
• Study Material
– Each student who enrols in this program will also get OnlyIAS study material (in soft copy) for each subject. This is not just yet another study material.
– This study material has been designed in such a manner that it caters the requirements of both Prelims as well as Mains exam. We have covered all the subjects including the ones that are important but are ignored most of the time. Apart from this the presentation of content is in such a way that concept becomes self explanatory and facts become easy to remember.
– Subjects like Art n Culture, History, Environment and others have been presented in an interactive way so that studying these subjects becomes more interesting. 
– The study material maintains a fine balance between objective facts and subjective analysis. Plus the material is updated with contemporary current events as well.



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