60 Days Rigorous Daily Answer Writing Program (English)

  •  Oct. 11, 2021, midnight to Jan. 17, 2022, midnight

₹ 15999.00


No matter how much you study for GS but the utmost important thing for the mains exam is answer writing. You need to practice writing answers with required data, relevant content and learn to identify what type of content can exactly fulfill the need of the question in Examination hall.

With all this we need to complete our preparation on time. Generally for 1 paper we get 3 hour and in this we have to write around 4000 words on paper.

So to ensure that a person attempts all the questions on time and writes a good quality of answer, OnlyIAS has designed an answer writing course. We have listed all the possible issues along with their answers which will be solved after joining this course in the table given below



  1. Lack of plan

  2. Not having adequate writing speed to attend all 20 Questions in 3 hours

  3. Not able to maintain balance between different GS Papers

  4. Not able to evaluate the answer on your own.

  5. Lack of direction and not able to understand to where  to focus more

  6. Not able to revise all subjects in time.

  7. Not have idea that how much answer writing is sufficient to clear the exam

  1. This Program includes well planned 60 days schedule

  2. This Program includes Daily answer writing of 7 questions in 1 hour to increase the writing speed.

  3. This Program includes content enrichment on every topic of the syllabus and current events through synopsis of Daily questions.

  4. This Program includes model answers with evaluation by an expert.

  5. This Program includes dedicated mentorship.

  6. This Program includes a one stop solution for revision is Prahaar Magazine for all subjects which is more than enough.

  7. This Program includes a lecture in which we explain how to know what needs to be underlined in an answer or to check that the answer was written according to the demand of the question, where to use paragraphs and points or where to draw diagrams, etc. (answer writing classes type)


So from the above table we have got the rough idea of the issues which will get  resolved by joining this course.

Now the question is what are the features of this course:

  • Daily Answer Writing of 7 questions in 1 hr to increase the writing speed

  • Content Enrichment on every topic of the syllabus and current events through Synopsis of Daily Questions

  • 8 Weekly Full Length Tests to be evaluated along with Detailed Feedback and Online Mentor Support (one to one)

  • 5 Full Length Tests including Essay, GS-1, 2, 3 and 4 similar to UPSC schedule (2 Papers in 1 day) will be conducted at the end to ensure a UPSC like feel.

  • Timely and Detailed Evaluation of Copies.

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