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4. 60 Day Daily Answer Writing Programme for CSE-Mains 2022

  •  June 13, 2022, midnight to Sept. 18, 2022, midnight

₹ 10400.00

  • ₹ 10400.00 From June 13, 2022 to Sept. 30, 2022
  • ₹ 10400.00 From June 13, 2022 to Sept. 18, 2022


Special features

  • Daily answer writing of 7 questions in 1 hr to increase the writing speed
  • Content enrichment on every topic of the syllabus and current events through synopsis of daily questions
  • 8 weekly full length tests which- to be evaluated and will get detailed feedback and
  • Zoom sessions with mentors for Post evaluation discussion
  • 5 full length tests including Essay, GS-1,2,3 and 4 similar to UPSC schedule (2 papers in 1 day) will be conducted at the end to ensure UPSC like feel.
  • Timely and detailed evaluation of copies.
  • Free PRAHAAR updated and revised booklets (Softcopy)

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Starting on 13th June 2022




Additional Information

How this programme will help you?

  • Completeness of syllabus: Many a times when you have limited time to prepare for mains, under panic situation due to time constraint, we tend to give disproportionate time to particular subject over others.
    • For example:- We give more than half time to optional and half time to all GS including Essay. Which is unbalanced way of preparation and consequently it results into low score in GS papers and in Essay.
    • With this programme you will be directed to allot due time to each and every subject and topic of the syllabus, hence ensuring 100 % coverage of syllabus which is very important.
  • Content enrichment: with more than 500 questions you will touch each and every aspect of the syllabus and through synopsis of Daily and weekly tests you will be able to have to the point, updated and relevant content of complete syllabus in answer format which will be concise and comprehensive.
  • Ready to write mains: As the programme wind up in 60 days with coverage of all subjects and topics, after religiously following it, you will get good amount of time to revise and refine your preparation owing to your early completion of answer writing.
  • Quality answers and 100% attempt in exam: with 7 answers daily and 20 answers in weekend (55 answers in a week)- your speed of writing, quality of answers, presentation and your confidence will be increased, hence you will be able to attempt all questions in exam in limited time.
  • Reliable and relevant notes: Under this programme you will get carefully designed notes in line with UPSC, which are – to the point, updated with current affairs, coverage of all topics, concisely covered syllabus and comprehensive notes of all GS.

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